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Pail is a soft-spoken knight who resides on a colorful beach. Her full title is Pail-The Knight of Sculpted Sands. Her title comes from the beach’s unique sand. When wet, the sand on the beach becomes a highly sturdy clay-like substance. Due to its abundance, Pail has made her armor and lance from the clay. Pail lives in solitude. The only time she gets into contact with others is when she ventures out into the nearby fishing town to search for quests. The locals who have received her help say that she’s friendly but stern. Despite her kindness, it’s clear that she has some things that pain her beneath the surface. When asked, she refuses to speak about them. She often changes the subject or outright denies answering the question. It seems the only creature she’s completely open around is her noble steed, Pearl. Pearl was created by pail from materials that have washed up on the beach. Pearl vaguely resembles a horse, and how they became animate is unknown. In her downtime, Pail enjoys beach combing and using those materials to create unique sculptures that she displays on her beach. Most of these sculptures resemble odd sea creatures or abstract forms. Her passion for art and found objects is one of the few things she’s open about to others. She could go on for hours about the unique shells she’s found or remains from mysterious animals that wash up on her shore. It’s also noted that none of the locals have ever seen her with her helmet off, gloves, or armor. She insists that the face beneath the mask is irrelevant whenever it’s brought up during questing. Despite her secretive nature, Pail is strikingly kind and gentle, and her tendency towards mercy makes her unique amongst other knights. She condemns any knights who kill without reason and she refuses to fully rule out the option of forgiveness.


Pail has a unique set of abilities, most of which revolve around the manipulation of sand. Pail is able to psychically control the movement of sand. She can make sand take any form she wishes. This ability alone seems to be quite simple, but her true power arises when the sand becomes wet. When the sand becomes wet, she is able to turn it into the type of clay her armor and lance are made from. This also means she can harden the clay at will. Rather than using this ability to kill, she instead opts to entrap her opponents within clay structures. Pail is also quite swift. She often takes out opponents with a barrage of forceful stabs from her lance. Her speed definitely makes up for her struggle to hit hard off the bat. Pail has also been experimenting with creating healing clays and muds. She carries a couple of varieties on her at all times. A lot of her recipes are still works in progress, but she does have a couple that work extremely well. These muds by no means heal wounds instantly, but they definitely help speed up the process.

"Clay Fighter" Pail's lance.