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Rufus Fonseka
24 He/They


Rufus (or Roof for short), is a chilled-out musician who works at a music shop that sells records, instruments, and more. He knows a whole lot about obscure bands, especially those of the psychedelic rock genre. Customers always trust his recommendations on bands, songs, and even the instruments themselves. Currently, his side hustle is creating his original music and selling his albums online or taking donations through Ko-Fi. He’s only beginning to do small local concerts and gigs and this seems to be going well for him! He mainly creates music that walks the line between shoegaze and modern psych-rock.
Aside from work, Rufus is a kind individual whose very good at being calm, even in very stressful situations. May that be chalked up to his wisdom, airheadedness, or both. A lot of his friends derive humor from the strange, featherbrained things he says. Rufus doesn’t mind his friends poking fun at him and he often further entertains them with amusing stories about his escapades while high. He also exhibits a lot of wisdom which makes him the go-to person for advice for a lot of his friends. A lot of his advice is poorly worded, but still valuable nonetheless.
Rufus does take a lot of substances, mostly within the realm of psychedelics, pot, and prescription medication. At one point in his life, Rufus became heavily dependent on weed and he’s currently trying to get himself out of that. To help himself get rid of his dependency, he got on antidepressants since he knew that’s where his problems with weed stemmed from. Rufus has suffered from major depression for the majority of his life which was only made worse by a traumatic event that happened when he was a teenager. His recovery has ups and downs, but he feels as though the hardest part is over.


Rufus has always had strange things happen to him. May that be odd thoughts, sightings, or extreme deja vu. Although, one summer night these anomalous occurrences amplified. Rufus had been feeling odd for a couple of days leading up to this strange occurrence… But that day he felt especially off. Almost as if he had been separated from his body. This feeling came crashing down when at around 7 pm he rushed to the sink and began spitting up blood. After a minute or two his nose began to bleed and he could feel himself becoming lightheaded. He had never felt more physically sick in his life. Fearing that he would die, he called his very close friend Bridgette and asked her to drive him to the hospital. Upon his arrival, the doctors figured out he had suffered from unexplainable ruptures throughout his entire body. He had no prior health conditions to explain this, nor any injuries that lead up to this emergency. He often jokes that “God tried to strike me down, and failed.” The doctor didn’t find it particularly funny. After recovering from the incident, Rufus began to experience even more strange things. He began having prophetic dreams/visions, gained a strange “6th sense”, and is developing the ability to separate himself from his body. Needless to say, all of these symptoms are alarming but due to his awful medical debt, he’s unable to afford a psychologist. He’s also not sure if he wants to… since these abilities almost seem to benefit him.


Rufus's best friend is Bridgette Meyer. They've known each other for a long, long time!
Rufus's favorite instrument is Bass Guitar.
He owns a volkswagen bus, and used to live out of it.
His favorite band is The Smashing Pumpkins.
Rufus almost exclusively wears slippers.
His favorite animals are cats and sheep
He believes his necklace is lucky.

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