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Bridgette Meyer
27 She/Her


Bridgette is a stoic computer programmer and talented machinist. Despite these talents, she’s stuck working in an office while she attends her last couple years of college. She takes a great interest in old technology, especially when it comes to programs lost to time. She has a massive collection of old CD ROMs and a couple of old computers, each of which she affectionately named. Bridgette takes pride in building her little robots which she takes to small meet-ups and gatherings. She often designs these small machines after her favorite animal– that being dogs.
Bridgette is a hard person to hit it off with. She’s very closed off, blunt, and sometimes even aggressive. Bridgette has a poor handle on her anger, which has resulted in many broken game controllers and an assault charge. She currently attends therapy and anger management, which was required by the state after her time in court came to a close. Despite this intense aspect of her personality, Bridgette does have a soft side. She holds her friends in high regard, always standing up for them when it’s needed (or unneeded). Bridgette is the type of person to tell you that dress looks bad on you, but be totally determined to help you find a new, better one. It takes her a while to open up, but once she does, you’ve got a friend for life.
Bridgette puts a lot of value into escapism. She often goes through phases of isolation, only speaking to people via digital means. These phases seem to becoming more and more frequent and they elapse for longer and longer periods of time. It seems whenever she gets into one of these slumps she works like a machine, starting and finishing projects at an alarming rate. She only attends things that are necessary, like her job and occasionally classes. Thankfully she does have friends who can pull her out of these long slumps... Even though they often have to force her to come out.


Bridgette always seems to invite strange things into her life. She mostly stumbles across these things by accident, then curiosity completely takes the wheel. After the disappearance of her closest friend, she entered a phase of isolation that never seemed to come to a close. She became completely overwhelmed with the idea of self-improvement via technology. She completely hyper-fixated on programming, creating, changing, warping… until one day she realized she could fuse her flesh into the technology she adored so much. This spurred an intense interest in the dichotomy between humans and machines. Bridgette wanted to know where the boundary lies. Due to this blurring of the line between human and technology, Bridgette conducts electricity and has a high tolerance to being electrocuted. She is able to communicate with technology in an almost psychic fashion and directly fuse with it. After this change her memory improved and she is able to make decisions quickly. The onset of these abilities came gradually, each of them presenting themselves to Bridgette one at a time. The slow unpeeling of these layers gives Bridgette the impression that she is meddling in things that should not be messed with… But her curiosity is too intense to ignore. Bridgette no longer knows how to classify herself. Is she a woman? Or is she a machine?


Bridgette's best friend is Rufus Fonseka, they're inseprable!
Bridgette's favorite computer is named Stella
Her favorite dog breed is the estrela mountain dog
Her favorite genres of music are punk and grunge.
her favorite video game is Pokemon Black
She mains Bowser in Mario Kart
Her favorite Pokemon is Mismagius

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