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Layers of Reality

There are three known realities the Lower reality, the Dissonance, and the Upper reality. They’re set up in a sandwich-like structure. Lower Reality is at the bottom, the Dissonance falls in the middle, and the Upper Reality is on top. The Lower Reality encompasses everything in the known universe (Earth, our solar system, etc) and probably you. The Dissonance exists as a buffer between the Lower reality and Upper reality. It’s a vast colored void where no life from Lower Reality can exist intact. The Dissonance will either disintegrate the lower being, warp it into something incomprehensible, or incorporate it into one of its many pocket universes. Little is known about the Upper Reality, but what is known is that beings beyond any sort of lower reality comprehension dwell there.

The Dissoverse

The term “Dissoverse” refers to all of the pocket universes that have sprung into existence within the Dissonance. The Dissoverse is anomalous by nature due to the impossibility of space springing up from nothing. Each pocket is interconnected by a sprawling public transportation system. It’s possible that some pockets have not been discovered yet, and are untouched by the wider Dissoverse.


The Dissoverse has an extremely diverse population that ranges from barely comprehensible beasts to human-like creatures. Some inhabitants of the Dissoverse are natives, while others arrived here through an anomalous event. Uncommonly, some Native and Non-Native inhabitants have minor anomalous abilities.

Non-Native inhabitants do not retain their original Lower Reality form for long. As time passes, memories from the Lower Reality will be forgotten and formed to fit the pocket they have ended up in. As their mind changes, so do their physical form. There’s no way to indicate what they will become. Regardless, they will be assimilated. Some semblance of their Lower Reality self is retained. Mostly through events of Deja Vu or anemoia, but never vivid memories.


Patrons are a class of Dissoverse inhabitants that have more powerful anomalous abilities than what’s considered average. A creature is a Patron if it’s able to minorly warp physical reality, is immune to dying of old age, and can pass on a fraction of its power to other inhabitants. Patrons often dwell in one spot, rarely risking their safety. Due to this, Patrons must be sought out. Individuals that have received power from a Patron are referred to as Knights.


Knights have gotten their namesake through the way they fight for their Patron and obey their will. Patrons and Knights are connected. Not only through a psychic link, but a physical one as well. If a Patron is injured, so will the Knight, and vice versa. If a Knight’s Patron is killed, there are two possible outcomes. The Knight will live with unhealing injuries. Or, The Knight will die. Knights can find a new Patron, but this option is unlikely due to Patrons commonly fearing the smell and look of death.


Monoliths are an elusive class of near-godlike creatures that commonly dwell within the Dissonance. Monoliths are the only creatures that are not affected over time by the Dissonance. They can enter and leave the Dissoverse and the Lower Reality at will. It’s unknown what Monoliths are fully capable of, but one thing is clear. They are unable to fully die. Instead of dying, Monoliths enter a state called Dormancy. Within this period, the Monolith enters a new form with a unique set of abilities. Monoliths retain few often blurry memories of their last instance.

Monoliths follow no agreed-upon moral code. They instead act upon their urges, rarely regarding the requests of their peers. Almost all of the Monoliths do not experience any form of familiar emotion. What happens in their mind is largely unknowable.
Due to their rarity, Monoliths are often regarded as legends or folklore. Few will ever see them with their own two eyes, and even fewer will see them in their true form.

List of known Monolths

Dream Weaver


Disso: Shortened term for the Dissoverse.
Pocket: Individual pocket universe that is a part of the Dissoverse. Pockets can also be used to refer to small groups of closely related Pocket universes
Anomaly: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. Can refer to abilities, entities, objects, etc
Anemoia: Nostalgia for a time or a place one has never known. (Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows)


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