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Disso-Delivery is a story-oriented RPG maker project. It aims to be around a twenty minutes in length, with lots of wacky scenarios and simple puzzles to solve. The story follows a pizza delivery guy named Rory. They’re tasked with delivering a pepperoni pizza to a pocket universe known as the Funpit. As they arrive at the Funpit, they realize this may be a harder delivery than they initially expected. There are plenty of hazards, and even more winding hallways to traverse. Will they make it to their mysterious customer in under 30 minutes? Or will the money for the pizza come out of Rory’s tips? Who knows!


Sneak peeks for the Disso-Delivery soundtrack are available!
Click the image to listen!

Update log

03/14/2024 Playtesting complete!
Finally I've gotten all my playtesters to test out the tutorial half of Disso-Delivery and I am pleased to say that everyone has enjoyed it so far! I will now move onto the second and final half of the game! I can't wait to release this project aaa!
02/13/2024 Title screen is fully complete!
04/21/2023: Introduction is complete! A couple music tracks have now been composed for the game.
04/11/2023: Introduction is almost finished! Take a look at this cool NPC.
04/2/2023: Completed the second introduction section to Disso-Delivery! There are some fun secrets out here.
03/27/2023: First stab at the UI design!
03/27/2023: First completed environment! This is Lil' Guy's pizza, the place where Rory works. Basically, the whole introduction to the game is complete aside from the music!